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who we are?
Passion Cosmetics Paris is an undisputed leader in the world of women’s cosmetics and make-up on the web, an online wholesaler offering a wide choice of make-up, nail polish, eyeshadows and other branded products at unbeatable prices.
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Passion Cosmetics Paris, a wholesaler specialised in cosmetics

Passion Cosmetics Paris is a cosmetics wholesaler that specialises in the wholesale of make-up and beauty products. We sell to professionals, including retailers and shops, as well as beauty salons, make-up artists, hairdressers and itinerant sellers of cosmetics. We offer a wide range of inexpensive cosmetic products of all brands to meet every make-up need. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for more information or to see our prices on our online make-up wholesale website.

Wholesale of affordable nail products

As suppliers of cosmetic products for professionals, we are of course specialised wholesalers of nail products. Our nail range includes low-priced nail polish (Yesensy, Lovely Pop, for XXL nails, etc.), nail art decorations, nail polish remover and manicure kits. You won’t find a better nail product wholesaler anywhere on the web!

Wholesale of cosmetics & eye make-up

Passion Cosmetics Paris is also an online eye make-up wholesaler offering a wide selection of branded cosmetics. Our number one objective is to provide you with high-quality wholesale products at competitive prices. You will find eye pencils (waterproof gel pencils, automatic pencils, etc.), eye shadow (L’Oréal, Leticia Well, etc.), mascara (extra black, waterproof, etc.), eye liner and eyebrow pencils.assion Cosmetics Paris est également un grossiste maquillage pour les yeux en ligne qui vous propose un large choix de cosmétiques de marque. Notre priorité est de vous proposer des produits en gros de qualité à des prix compétitifs.
Vous pourrez ainsi retrouver des crayons pour les yeux (crayon gel waterproof, crayon automatique…), du fards à paupières (de marque l’Oréal, Leticia Well…), du mascara (extra noir, waterproof…), de l’eye liner ou encore des crayons à sourcils.

Wholesale of lipsticks, balms, lip gloss and lip pencils

You will find all the latest collections of in-fashion make-up for beauty and cosmetics professionals, in addition to our latest lipstick shades. As wholesalers of make-up and lipsticks, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in our temple of affordable wholesale cosmetics. Our products include lipsticks (L’Oréal, Leticia Well, Lovely Pop, etc.), lip gloss (volumising, matte velvet, etc.), lip pencils and lip balms.

Wholesale of foundation and complexion products

Our site offers hundreds of different make-up products, constantly updated according to the latest trends and at the lowest prices, in addition to a personalised, high-quality after-sales service. Our commitment: to offer a wide choice of inexpensive branded complexion products for all types of professionals, from retailers to beauty stores. Don’t hesitate to browse through our catalogue of make-up and foundation to get a better idea of the products that we sell. We offer a complete range of low-priced cosmetics, including not only powders (HD compact powder, powder refills, etc.), concealers/highlighters (perfect concealer, liquid highlighter, etc.), foundations (fluid make-up, make-up pumps, etc.) but also high-quality blushers.

Wholesale of cut-price make-up accessories

In addition to the products already mentioned, we sell high-quality, low-priced make-up accessories for all cosmetics professionals: liquid foundation brushes, eyebrow brushes, Kabuki brushes, eyelid applicators, etc. Your wholesaler of inexpensive cosmetics has a team of specialists, always at your disposal for advice when purchasing make-up accessories.

Wholesale of make-up kits

You’d rather buy a make-up kit than an individual product? We also offer a wide choice of branded cosmetic kits: professional make-up cases, Bourjois gift sets, packs of matte lip gloss, make-up palettes, etc. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

Online make-up and cosmetics clearance sales

As you’ve seen, Passion Cosmetics Paris is an online make-up wholesaler that offers a large choice of products at low prices. If you’re a professional looking for cut-price cosmetics, don’t hesitate to get in touch.