Wholesaler specialized in false nails capsules and nail-art Passion Cosmetics Paris is one of the main leaders in the wholesale of makeup and beauty products. Reserved for professionals only, we offer our customers a wide range of false nails in capsules. Mainly sold in kit of 12 capsules.

False nails adapt to all types of hands. Make-up salons, beauticians, hairdressers or even itinerant retailers, we work with all the greatest professionals. We sell wholesale products at attractive prices.

For well-groomed hands and a top manicure, trust Lovely Pop capsules. Having a manicure that lasts is not always easy with regular nail polish. Thanks to the false nails capsules, you can enjoy the beauty of your nails for a long time.

You will find on our website, capsules of different lengths, sizes and shapes. Used mainly to lengthen nails, there are a multitude of colors: transparent, semi-opaque, opaque false nails ... Whether you prefer square, round or slightly pointed nails, the capsules from Lovely Pop meet all these criteria.

Choosing the right manicure is only a matter of taste. Before proceeding with the placement of the capsule, it is important to push back the cuticles using small forceps. The correct capsule should match the width of your natural nails. It is therefore important to carefully select the size of nail capsules.

The second important accessory to remember is nail glue. For a long-lasting hold, all you need to do is put a small dot of glue in the notch of the capsule that you will distribute over the entire capsule. Once this step is completed, you should place the capsule on your nail and wait for it to dry.

The advantage of false nails in capsules is that they are quick and easy to apply, but be careful, this type of false nails should be used occasionally. Nail-art, the new trend for nails  has reached the end of our hands and in beauty institutes. Originally from Asia, nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails using  many techniques: stickers, glitter, rhinestones, designs or even raised patterns.

On Passion Cosmetics Paris, you will find many false nail art nails made by Lovely Pop brand. Capsules will bring a touch of glamor to your hands and your look. We sell on line capsule kits in large quantities: 12 kits or 100 capsules, as you whish. For maintained nails, do not hesitate to consult our range of classic nail polishes.