Passion Cosmetics Paris, eye cosmetics wholesaler: pencils, mascaras, eyeliners..

Specialised in the wholesale of perfumes and make-up, Passion Cosmetics Paris works with many beauty professionals: hair salons, make-up shops, beauty salons and other retailers. We offer our customers the possibility to buy make-up batches online at low prices. You will thus find eye pencils, mascara sets, eye shadow palettes or eyebrow makeup.

If you are looking for a supplier of make-up and perfumes, Passion Cosmetics Paris will provide you with many products from beauty brands such as : Maybelline, Leticia Well, L'Oréal, Easy Paris and many others. Reserved for professionals, our website offers wholesale cosmetics at competitive prices.

Wholesaler of eye pencils for professionals 

The eye pencil is the perfect accessory to intensify the look. Whether to illuminate, enlarge or underline your eyes, it has become essential in make-up kits. Available in many colours, this beauty product adapts perfectly to your looks and the color of your eyes. Passion Cosmetics Paris supplies batches of blue, brown, black, copper or silver pencils. You can master your eye makeup with a single stroke of the pencil. Easy to use, this accessory can be used in many ways: inside the eye, flush with upper and lower lashes and on the outside. For a long-lasting hold, turn to waterproofs! You will find many sets of pencils on our online store for you to exhibit in your beauty salon.

Online mascara supplier

An essential step in eyes makeup, mascara is one of the basic products in a make-up routine. Add volume and lengthen your lashes with L'Oreal or Maybelline mascaras. To give more volume to your lashes, go for a thick bristle brush. If you wish to make your lashes look longer, then a stiff brush with small bristles will be more suitable. For a long-lasting makeup, waterproof mascara is always the most convenient product. Just like eye pencils, this cosmetic product is available in different colors: black, brown, blue mascara. Since Passion Cosmetics Paris works with professionals, we deliver the products with a display, so that you can put them on your shop counter.

Wholesaler of eye shadow and eye palettes

Available in many colours, the eye makeup palettes and eye shadows will give you the possibility to brighten your eyes. If you want a natural no-makeup look, go for an eye shadow with low pigmentation and nude colors. If, on the contrary, you wish to do a smoky eye, it is better to use dark shades. In our online shop, you will find a wide range of eye shadow and make-up palettes for your beauty salons and cosmetic shops. For an easier application, do not hesitate to use appropriate brushes. Passion Cosmetics Paris is also a supplier of make-up accessories.