For a successful makeup, there is of course, the technique used and the product. But we must not forget that the basis of makeup is the skin. Therefore, having a good hygiene enhances the makeup pose. That’s why Passion Cosmetics Paris offers you a wire products for the body. Our products are used in professional environments such as: beauty salons, hairdressers or stores.


For most people, the shower gel is an essential part of everyday life. That’s why Passion Cosmetics Paris offers you a wholesale solution then you will find several brands like Fa, Le Petit Marseillais or Nivea. For some years now, shower gels are no longer only used to wash or clean your skin. They provide other benefits, such as hydration.

With shower gels your skin will have a minimum hydration guaranteed. Some have an additional name «lotion». The application of a lotion is basically a step that is done after the shower. It helps to limit the impact of limestone on the skin, and has many other advantages such as linking between care and hygiene.

Combined with a shower gel, the use of these two products will save you time. There is also the combination of shower gel and yogurt. The term yogurt is used for rapid but intense hydration. As for the lotion, this mixture between the two will save you time but will also ensure you a more important hydration and that will last longer. Others will be in formula 2 in 1, shower gel and shampoo, and will address men. You will find in this range Nivea and Playboy.
Le Petit Marseillais shower gel is also sold in large quantities, per carton of 12 units.


Deodorant is an essential step to fight against perspiration throughout the day. It allows you to move as much as you want while keeping freshness and comfort. Passion Cosmetics Paris offers 2 brands in this range. You will find Nivea Men Care and Playboy. Nivea Men Care is access to skin protection, while remaining effective against sweating and unpleasant odors. Playboy is focused on innovation. It offers Skin Touch technology. It is a spray that reacts, and therefore activates, to the touch. The deodorant spray is easy to spray and it brings an impression of immediate freshness, which is not to displease on days with strong heat.

Some will prefer the deodorants «balls» easily transportable and more moisturizing on the skin.
For twice as many products, do not hesitate to order our brand hygiene boxes: playboy boxes for women or men with a shower gel and deodorant, or even more our Nivea boxes.

We offer them for wholesale in boxes of 6 units. They are ideal to highlight in display in your institute or store, especially with perfume boxes in holiday season such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
With the wholesale of hygiene care, replenish your inventory quickly without encouring extra costs!