Online beauty wholesaler specialised in make-up accessories

Passion Cosmetics Paris is a cosmetics and parfumery wholesaler that offer lots of make-up and accessories through online sales. Only professionals such as shops, hairdressing salons or make-up artists can buy cosmetic products on the site. Brillant lipstick or simple and discreet eyeshadow, make-up is your best friend every day. But if you don't have professional accessories, the colour of your blush may fade poorly or your foundation may be difficult to apply. To make your life easier and save you time every morning, we offer a wide range of brushes for eyes, eyebrows, face and nail accessories.

Wholesale powder brushes and other face accessories

We offer online purchase of facial cosmetics such as foundation and powder. But to use them, you need necessary accessories: brushes. Wholesaler of powder brushes and supplier of make-up accessories, Passion Cosmetics Paris allows professionals to obtain less expensive branded products to make up their customers.

On our site, you will find many brushes such as foundation brushes, powder brushes, contouring brushes, kabuki brushes and lip brushes. The foundation brush allows precise correction to hide skin imperfections. In the same way, the powder brush can be used to improve the complexion by using a powder to have a matte look and a skin that does not shine. It can be used with pressed or loose powder. The contouring brush is a small brush to accentuate facial features. The kabuki brush is a brush with tufty bristles that can be used to apply a finishing powder quickly all over the face. Finally, the lip brush offers great precision for applying lipstick or gloss. If you or your customers do not appreciate brush type accessories, we offer online sales of foam or latex sponges.

Wholesale of eye and eyebrow brushes and accessories

As a wholesale supplier of cosmetics, we offer professionals a wide range of affordable eye and eyebrow accessories. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists for advice on the use of make-up accessories.

You can find brushes for eyebrows and eyes. The eyebrow brush allows you to style your eyebrows while defining a beautiful line to highlight your eyes. In general, eye brushes can be used to blend eyeshadows and creams to give depth to the eyes.

You can also apply gel textures such as eyeliner at the base of the lashes. Also, eye makeup accessories such as pencil sharpeners to maintain your pencils and have perfect eyes, eyelash curlers and eye shadow applicators are available for sale.

Supplier of accessories for the beauty of nails

Passion Cosmetics Paris is a make-up and nail products wholesaler. In order to please our customers, we offer professionals branded nail polishes as well as cheap nail files and polishers. Curved or rounded shapes, nail files can be made of different materials (metal, cardboard, glass). The metal nail file is the basic material that every woman has in her bag. It will appeal to your customers who are sensitive to the regularity of the grains of the files. The cardboard nail file is easy to handle by everyone and remains a classic and efficient nail file. Finally, the glass nail file is renowned for its high quality and its ability not to damage the nails. It will be perfect for your beauty salon. To perfect the manicure, we advise you to use a multi-phase polisher.