Wholesale nail polish remover: nail polish remover is a must have. But it becomes more complicated when it comes to choose the right one. The most popular brands are Ecrinal, Gemey Maybelline, Avril Beauté and Miss Cop

Dedicated to beauty professionals , Passion Cosmetics Paris offers you the wholesale of effective solvents that are also respectful of skin and nails.

If you are a fan of manicures or pedicures, you will necessarily need a nail polish remover.

For frequent use, you should use a solvent without acetone. While very effective, acetone tends to weaken the nail and dry out skin and nail. On your nails there is a thin lipid film which protects and nourishes them against external aggressions. You will find solvents without acetone but for which you will need more patience because they are less effective.

If you wear semi-permanent nail polish, you have no other choice than acetone. Without this ingredient you will not be able to remove efficiencly your semi-permanent varnish.

There are 3 ways to use your nail polish remover. The classic bottle with which you soak your cotton disc, the bottle with a pump system, usable with one hand, if the second is not available and finally, the "dissolving bath" which consists of a soaked sponge of dissolving. And you just have to slip your fingers to remove the varnish. You will also find the remover pen. It allows you to do all the touch-ups you want around the nail or even on the nail for the nail art or manicure part.

Removers that protect your nails

Among solvents, Passion Cosmetics Paris offers you the brand LOVELY POP and its remover with myrrh extract. This oil has several qualities. It is antiseptic and regenerative for the nails and the surrounding skin.

In general, it is advisable to opt for a solvent that contains at least one oil. Whether it's castor oil, avocado, olive, or even sweet almond, they will all help keep nails and skin hydrated. While providing their specificity, specific to each of the oils. Like, for example, castor oil which, in addition to hydration, promotes nail growth. In addition, the addition of an oil in the composition reduces this unpleasant smell of solvents. And thus leaves a delicate scent on your nails and the surrounding skin.

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