Lip beauty: wholesale of lipsticks, lip pencils and lip glosses

Make the lip make-up a real seduction asset

Lip make-up is essential for women because it enhances their femininity. It makes their faces glow and gives a pulpy, sensual or simply natural lips effect depending on the occasion. Whether you have thin, asymmetrical, voluptuous, light or dark lips, Passion Cosmetics Paris, offers a wide range of cosmetic products to suit all lip morphologies and complexions. From lipstick to lip balm, lip gloss or lip pencil, we offer professionals a variety of beauty products to enhance the beauty of the lips as well as care products for moisturized, nourished and designed lips.

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Lipstick supplier of renowned brands

Lipstick: the must-have in your make-up bag

Passion Cosmetics Paris provides you with a diversified offer of lipsticks with different:

  •          textures: creamy, liquid or solid
  •          colors, pigments and shades: burgundy red, fuchsia pink, purple or cherry red.
  •          finishes: matte which is generally longer lasting and more pigmented than the glossy finish which will have the advantage of providing more moisture and gloss shine for the parties
  •          functions: moisturizing

Through this wide choice of items, Passion Cosmetics Paris gives you the tools to choose the right lipstick that perfectly suits your customers!

For goddess-like lips, try the lipsticks from Leticia Well, l'Oréal, Revlon, Bourjois and LOVELY POP. You can choose from batches of 24 units of lipsticks.

For beautiful lips, the first step that should not be skipped is hydration. It can be done with a moisturizing balm or a special moisturizing lip cream. Unfotunately, this step is often neglected due to lack of time : that's why we provide you with long-lasting moisturizing lipsticks.

If you want lips drawn to perfection, consider using a lip pencil to contour : Passion Cosmetics Paris offers a wide range of lip pencils in all shades to blend in with your lipstick. Make-up professionals recommend that the color of the pencil should be identical to that of the lipstick, for an intense and sensual effect. For a sublime mouth: lip glosses.

Long lasting 24-hour hold, volume or matte

If some people are addicted to their lipstick, the gloss trend has not faded for several years. Lip gloss is glamorous, sensual and feminine. Gloss brings naturalness and light to our lips, and can carry it everywhere in our handbags.

Glosses bring shine while remaining natural, if we choose it in nude color, that is to say in a clear and neutral tone. Coloured lip gloss can also be applied over lipstick to add volume ! For your evenings, choose a rather long-lasting one so that you can dance the night away without having to touch it up. For a fresh make-up in the summer, choose nude or matte.

Finally, for plumped lips, volume lip glosses have a sublime volumizing effect for a glamorous mouth.

Our moisturizing, colorful and playful lip balms

For plumped and nourished lips all day long, choose the lip balm: liquid or stick, it brings shine and hydration. In coloured version, it will replace your lipstick for a fresh and light make-up during the day. Coral, pink, or beige, you will find a whole range of lip balms available for wholesale on our online store.

L'Oréal Paris Infaillible Balm best sellers, moisturise for 12 hours, are available in several colours and sold in packs of 3 units for professionals.

Passion Cosmetics Paris also provides with playful lip balms in the shape of a unicorn, for a fun, but still moisturizing effect.