Passion Cosmetics Paris: nail polish wholesaler, Passion Cosmetics Paris is one of the french leaders in the wholesale of nail polish and make-up. Our cosmetic products for the nails are used by many beauty professionals such as hair salons beauticians and also itinerant retailers.

Our site is dedicated to those professionals who want to buy batches of matte, shiny, semi-permanent nail polish or fortifying care. In order to access our prices, do not hesitate to contact us. Nail polish offers a wide choice of colors. It  matches perfectly your outfits or your makeup, it comes in many shades and textures. Red, burgundy or black varnish will make you look  trendy, classy anstylish.

Shades like nude or pink dress your fingers with ease. For summertime, you should opt for flashy varnishes such as yellow or azure green. Our site offers a wide range of nail polish sets as well as different color palettes.

How many types of varnish are there? Thera are fou types: classic nail polish which requires two coats for long-lasting hold. To avoid chipping, it is recommended to apply a base and a top coat. To remove it, use a nail polish remover with or without acetone.

Classic nail polish is ideal for people who want to change colors often

Gel polish, also called semi-permanent, lasts 2 to 3 weeks.  Thanks to its composition. The drying of this cosmetic product requires to be catalyzed under a UV lamp. A base must be laid upstream as well as a top coat for UV varnish. Gel nail polish does not come off with nail polish remover but with thinner.

Gel effect varnish stays between classic nail polish and gel polish. Its thick texture makes it more resistant over time. Discover our range of matte, metallic or glitter nail polishes.


Manicure is a great way to express your personality. Passion Cosmetics Paris offers timeless nail polishes with a metallic, glitter or matte texture. The glitter varnish is a must! Offered in different colors, you have the choice to dress your nails with round sequins, stars, and even diamonds. Magnetic varnish is used to make patterns appear on the varnish.


Matte varnishes have a sober finish. Unlike a classic varnish, this one does not add a touch of shine. If you want to turn a classic polish into a matte polish, you can apply a matte top coat. Metallic polish is mainly available in silver or gold color. They give a metallic effect to your nails.

Are you a beauty salon owner looking for nail polish sets to have in your store?  You will find on our site Lovely Pop or Yesensy nail polishes at attractive prices. Phosphorescent varnishes, nude varnishes or snow-effect varnishes, everything is here to please your customers.