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Passion Cosmetics Paris provides products and accessories for nails online and in large quantities. Our company offers a range of special nail and nail manicure products, used by professionals: beauty salons and institutes, hair salons, aesthetic centers and institutes, spas and wellness centers, stores and specialised shops. Nail strengtheners, strengthening treatments, top coat, base coat, nail polish removers, French manicure kits, nail art, false nail kits, nail glues or simply nail polish brands, we offer the best professional products for nails.

Wholesale of nails polish and nail accessories for professionnals quality and affordable nail polish for professionnals

Quality and affordable nail polish for professionals

A few years ago, the nail market was very codified and limited to a specific color, size and a "unique" shape. Nowadays, the nail cosmetics field is growing in popularity. Passion Cosmetics Paris adapts to the current market and new trends by offering nail polishes for all occasions and seasons thanks to a wide choice of:

  •        Classic colors like black, red, pink, blue, yellow varnish
  •        Flashy colors such as neon nail polishes as intense as opaque for a fruity manicure and a fresh summer
  •        Innovative colors with duo chrome polishes, mirror effect, neon
  •        Different textures, sometimes grainy, fluid or slightly gel, smooth textures
  •        Materials with a rather matte, shiny, glittery, shimmery, pearly, lacquered appearance
  •        Various drying time. After the application of semi-permanent nail polish, there is no need to touch up for a week. It is on average between 2 weeks and 3 weeks of serenity. The advantage is that you no longer have to worry about manual work and activities, your polish will stay in place.

Order safely from your computer, tablet or smartphone your professional accessories and let your customers highlight their beauty down to their fingertips!

A large choice of false nails

Complementary products for neat hands and protected nails

The nails are sometimes damaged, bitten and tend to break easily. Meet the needs of your customers and go for our beauty capsules in your store! With our nail capsules for professionals, you will have the choice of shapes, colors or with an already integrated nail art. You will therefore allow your customers to vary the pleasures and vary their manicures over the weeks and seasons for a manicure with all the accessories from:

  •         Basic short false nails
  •         Basic long false nails
  •         False nail kits french manicure
  •         False nail kits with integrated nail art

Stand out and reveal the style of your clients!

Bulk purchase of polish removers and liqid latex

Liquid latex: a product that revolutionizes nail art

The cosmetics market is constantly growing and new innovative products appear every year. Liquid latex for nails has appeared and revolutionized the world of nails and especially nail art. It is perfect if you are an esthetic professional because you will be able to better take care of your clients' cuticles during manicures and apply the nail polish without overflowings on the skin. This product is now widely used by individuals who wish to master the steps of manicure for perfect and neat nails. However, if there are any, you will no longer need to remove it with polish remover, risking having to start all over again. All you have to do is remove the latex that you have laid around the nail beforehand.

Passion Cosmetics Paris offers optimal solutions for clumsy customers or those who are new to manicure ! We also provide you with nail polish remover. The Myrrh Extract Remover, in addition to removing nail polish, will bring several benefits to the nail. As for example, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, and skin healing.

Passion Cosmetics Paris offers a diverse range of nail products:

  •       nail polish
  •       false nails
  •       nail glue
  •       polish remover
  •       liquid latex
  •       and many other hand beauty products.

Choose Passion Cosmetics Paris as a trusted and quality supplier for your business.