Passion Cosmetics Paris, a compagny that listens to both women and its partners!

Today’s consumers are concerned by the quality of the products and services available for sale in the beauty and hygiene market – but this has not always been the case.
Consumer habits began to change in 2012, with women seeking high-quality and affordable cosmetics for all skin tones!
It was on making this observation that the two founders of Passion Cosmetics Paris saw a real potential in the beauty product market and created their company.

Your go-to choice for distribution and customer service, Passion Cosmetics Paris meets the needs of all professionals!

Our vision!

To provide cosmetics suited to all skin tones and serve the beauty needs of all women!

Passion Cosmetics Paris is a wholesaler specialised in the distribution of cosmetics intended for beauty professionals:

Our aim:

Passion Cosmetics Paris works with quality and trusted partners, and is committed to offering customers the very best as part of its constant quest for excellence.

What we are offering you:

Our e-shop has been in business since 2014, and today offers over500 different products.

We currently distribute the following brands:

As beauty professionals, we offer specific prices for all the products in our range.


What makes us unique:


Our commitments to beauty professionals

We guarantee customer satisfaction by offering unique and ever more attractive prices.

“Ever attentive to customer relations: available, approachable, long-term support”

passion cosmetics paris showroom

Our showroom, open to all professionals and with parking, is located just a few minutes from Aubervilliers. You can’t miss us!

We assign a high priority to listening and communicating with our customers to ensure full satisfaction throughout the purchasing experience.

We can be reached by phone, at our showroom, and via our social networks.